Disney’s newest animated short stars a very hungry puppy

Disney’s next star is something to feast your eyes on.

Winston, an energetic (and seemingly always hungry) Boston terrier, is front and center in Disney’s newest animated short, Feast. With only about a minute of footage, Winston is already making a vast first impression as he goes on a culinary journey full of things that most of us probably wouldn’t ever feed to our dogs.

Our hearts are in love, but our brains have to wonder if that dog is medically okay after eating everything in this video.

Holy casting, Batman! Is Jena Malone the new Robin?

OK Batman fans, prepare yourselves: Jena Malone may be playing Robin in the upcomingBatman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Jena Malone, known best for her role as Johanna Mason in The Hunger Games, could be the first female Robin to hit the silver screen. Malone has been seen on the WB set sporting a new red hairdo, which may allude to a Carrie Kelley cameo.

She also posted an image of her fiery locks on her Instagram page.

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Sure, Carrie’s need to see herself and her relationships with the men in her life as the still point of the turning world isn’t particularly charming. But being a neurotic, silly, kinda selfish person while still believing in the redemptive powers of work and sex and love and, above all else, your female friendships—because ultimately, that’s what so many women love about the show—doesn’t make you a bad feminist, or a bad example to womankind. It makes you a work in progress, just like the rest of us.

Watch Sansa Stark kick Steve-O in the balls

In a new video, Steve-O shows that while he’s got a lot going for him, he’s still up to some of his older shenanigans.

While the Jackass star dealt with drug addiction and mental illness in the past, he appears to be in a good place. He recently bought a house, his friend Dave England is a father, and he’s starring in a movie with Jessica Alba, Hailee Steinfeld, and Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner.

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New goddess of thunder’s identity remains a mystery in ‘Thor No. 1’

Warning: This story contains spoilers for Thor No.1.

Marvel went big when they announced this summer that a woman would be becoming Thor for a new comic book series. It shared the news on The View and revealed an impressive cover for Thor No.1. Now the new woman wielding the hammer has arrived on our shelves, or at least an introduction to her taking the Thor title has.

Written by Jason Aaron with art by Russell Dauterman, Thor No.1 opens with some underwater action in the Norwegian Sea where people are investigating an anomaly. Of course as the suspense builds, it’s clear the anomaly—as anomalies tend to be—isn’t anything good. Even with their attack sharks, people can’t stop the familiar frost giants that appear.

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The allegories of the X-Men franchise aren’t as essential when gay people no longer need stand-ins to be part of a story; in 2014, they can stand in for themselves. Which means the fetishization of the idea of queer superheroes, à la Watchmen, isn’t really necessary either. In the world of Watchmen, being gay still made you an other. But today, a gay superhero should be able to seem as commonplace as a straight superhero. Ultimately, the issue comes down to recognizing a character’s queerness, while not letting it define them.

Exotic dancers sue Washington county to prevent release of their personal information

Well, this is creepy and horrifying: A group of exotic dancers in Washington state are suing county officials, in an effort to prevent them from releasing their names and addresses to a man who filed a public records request for their personal information. The creepiest part about the whole thing? No one actually has any idea why this dude filed the public records request, or what he plans to do with this information.

The Harry Potter Alliance’s equality campaign video is a moving tribute to fandom

The Harry Potter Alliance is hosting its annual Equality FTW campaign, a fundraising drive to allow the fandom non-profit to continue its many charity drives and political advocacy—including a project Hermione herself would approve of.

An impressive IndieGoGo campaign featuring contributions from major figures across the Vlogbrothers’ network of YouTubers and fandom celebrities has raised over $80,000 so far to fund the organization’s work. Young Adult authors John GreenMaureen Johnson, and Lev GrossmanGlee heartthrob Darren CrissHarry Potter actress Evanna Lynch, and LeakyCon (newly christened GeekyCon) founder Melissa Anelli have all joined forces to fundraise for the venerable HPA. 

John Green pledged to match up to $10,000 in donations, a goal that was easily met earlier this week after his substantial fanbase, which overlaps considerably with the Harry Potter fandom, stepped up to donate to the cause.

The newest HPA project, named after one of the Harry Potter series’ most beloved characters, is designed to raise a new generation of fandom activists. The Granger Leadership Academy, named after Hermione Granger, is a leadership conference taking place this weekend (October 17–19) at Auburn University. The goal is to empower people to turn their fandom into real-world activism, something that HPA founder Andrew Slack found transformative in his own life.

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