The Morning GIF: Brad Pitt vs. Brad Pitt

Good morning. We know you’re busy, so we won’t keep you long. It’s probable that you, along with a significant proportion of the rest of the world, have been procrastinating on your Christmas shopping, hate yourself for it, hate yourself for caring, and are gradually sliding into panic mode.

So yeah, on the one hand, you survived the Mayan apocalypse. On the other, now you have to get the chores done. Life’s a mixed bag, eh?

Brad Pitt is also of two minds about this dilemma. Angelina Jolie’s consort made some extra pocket change this holiday season by starring in a famously incomprehensible commercial for Chanel No. 5 in which he stands around wearing a silk shirt and a goat beard, mumbling would-be profundities. A few years ago, he was a lean, mean acting machine, co-starring in Fight Club and Telling You Hard Truths. Put the two together, and you have a perfect microcosm of the slide from young revolutionary to middle-aged corporate cog.

From the Luca DG Tumblr, Brad and Brad have collected 22,301 notes in the week they’ve been together.


24,693 notes


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