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'Frozen Is the New Black' gets both your summer mashups in one
It’s been six months since the Queen of Arendelle accidentally brought eternal winter to her kingdom, and now she’s paying for it in a minimum-security prison for Disney princesses.

'Frozen Is the New Black' gets both your summer mashups in one

It’s been six months since the Queen of Arendelle accidentally brought eternal winter to her kingdom, and now she’s paying for it in a minimum-security prison for Disney princesses.

Disney’s film adaptation of Into the Woods is erasing everything you love about Sondheim musicals

It was always inevitable that a Disney adaptation of the beloved Sondheim musical Into the Woods would suffer from, well, Disneyfication.

But if reports surfacing from a recent private talk Sondheim gave in New York are accurate, it sounds like the film is shaping up to be an, erm, giant-sized disaster. 

Hang on to your hats, musical lovers. The word from the living legend himself is that Disney’s version of Into the Woods is excising much of what made it the complicated adult fairy tale we all know and love—including at least one pivotal musical number, lots of implied and overt sexual activity, and one major character spoiler.


New Disney movie "Descendents" is basically a high school AU fanfic about Disney villains.



It shouldn’t be possible for cosplay to turn you into a giant vat of emotions. Congrats, Korea. Just when we thought Japan had given us some next-level cosplay, you guys just raised the bar.

Reblogging this icy OTP for a hot summer day. More photos at the source!

Woman seeks divorce because her husband didn't like 'Frozen'

The man’s wife was reportedly so blindsided by his opinion that she retorted, “If you can’t understand what makes this movie great, there’s something wrong with you as a human being!”

In all fairness, we agree with the wife. Whatever Frozen's flaws—its lack of ethnic minorities, the careful crafting of thousands of unique snowflakes while its animators defend their inexplicable inability to make women’s faces look distinguishable from one another—it holds an important place as one of the only major box office hits to focus solely on women, with a plot driven solely by two female characters with agency. If her husband can’t see how important that is, then we don’t blame her for getting angry.

Still, her reaction seems a little… how can we put this?… icy.


Disney rould rather have a random Stormtrooper as an action figure than Princess Leia

The new line of Star Wars figures include Luke Skywalker and Han Solo but leave out Princess Leia, who is as much of a main character in the trilogy as the others. Instead the other figures are Darth Vader and a nameless Stormtrooper. Many of the comments question where Leia is in the line. One commenter asked, “Are they trying to connect with all kinds of Star Wars fans or just their middle-aged male selves?”

Little girls can definitely play with these action figures despite the lack of Leia, but when you look at the Disney Store online they only appear when you click the boy gender category. In fact, within the Star Wars toys and apparel there is no girl gender category at all. When you search by gender, five items for women pop up. These items include gender neutral products including iPhone cases, a mini glass, and lunch tote. The only women-specific item is a 77 tee. The only products featuring Princess Leia include a book titled Vader’s Little Princess, a LEGO figure in the Millennium Falcon set, and appearances on a wall decal and T-shirt along with other characters.

[I got 99 products but a princess ain’t one]

Disney’s new Maleficent posters are giving us life


It’s as if Disney has been paying close attention to its recent acquisitions of Marvel and the Star Wars franchise and tentatively decided that live-action fantasy is something it can do, too. In this case it helps that rooting for the villain is de rigueur, and that the villain is box-office delight Angelina Jolie. 

The change is striking. Just compare these posters to the lackluster marketing efforts for the 2012 flop John Carter. Not only did Disney change the source title from The Princess of Mars because they feared it would scare away dudes, but the posters made the film seem like a cross between Mad Max and The Last Samurai instead of an epic space fantasy from the author who brought us Tarzan:

But oh, how times have changed in a post-Avengers world. Now, not only does Maleficent get to wear horns…

…have wings…

…and be the title of her own story, but Disney is eagerly saying, “Hey, guys. Guys. You want pixies? We got pixies!”

No, really, they do.


Yet this day, the magic was different. It started when I looked up and saw the white armor of Imperial Stormtroopers guarding the gates, then every light post had a Star Wars banner hanging from it. The main stage below the Fantasia hat was home to a life-size Han in carbonite guarded by Boba Fett. We visited Darth Mall’s, the memorabilia shop set up for the weekends. As we walked around the park, we checked out the many Star Wars character photo ops and, of course, we rode Star Tours as well as other rides.

Then there were the shows. That’s where I got my first glimpse at the extraordinary vocal talent of the great James Arnold Taylor, through his stage show Obi-Wan and Beyond, the show Stars of the Saga where he interviews the stars of the movies in attendance, and Behind The Force, the show that previewed the up coming season of The Clone Wars while exploring the magic of voice-over. Hearing from the stars of the movies and TV show was mind-blowing. Hearing JAT’s love of the Wars come through each of the shows and interviews was incredible.

Then the main event: meeting Ashley Eckstein. You can tell when someone is a true fan of something by how they interact with other fans and it was obvious to me that Ashley was the fan’s fan.

"How Disney saved my fandom"

— guest post by Aaron Harris at Coffee with Kenobi.  Thanks, guys!