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Behind the bizarre YouTube portraits of Conor Collins

Tyler Oakley’s arms thrown up mid-fangirl captured entirely in Taco Bell hot sauce.


A Nutella Troye Sivan staring back at you from a white canvas. 


This all describes the art of YouTuber and artist Conor Collins, a 25-year-old in Manchester, England, who’s taken a very nontraditional approach to capturing the stars of YouTube, inspired by the nature of their newfound celebrity.

“The people … are quickly becoming famous for just being them,” he explained to the Daily Dot. “Not being footballers or musicians or politicians, but just being them and saying what they thought. As an artist who paints people, this new group of influential people on the Internet tickles my creativity. So it just made sense that if I were to begin to make these portraits anyway, might as well do it in the way which best reflects them—on YouTube!”

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Here's why this food-reviewing YouTuber quit his channel mid-episode

Gregory Ng, also known as the Frozen Foods Master, spent six years running the YouTube channel FreezerBurns dedicated to the wide world of frozen meals. Just eight episodes shy of his 700th video, Ng quit mid-review, but shared the video with his 23,000 subscribers anyway.

Classic 'Animaniacs' tune gets a reprise from voice actor Rob Paulsen

Voice actor extraordinaire Rob Paulsen entertained a crowd—and tickled its collective nostalgic bone—with a unique address at the Geek Fan Expo in Detroit. He strayed from what most personalities do at convention Q&As (plug upcoming projects while not disclosing any details about them), reached deep into his rich past of voice acting work, and sang “The Nations of the World” from Animaniacs.

Fans respond to 'Gotham' promo challenge with their own trailers

How’s this for a game show title: Can You Outwit Ari Margolis?

Margolis, Fox’s creative manager, is the Andy Warhol of the TV trailer world, and Fox recently went in search of an auteur who felt he or she could outduel his marketing genius by creating an original 60-second promo for its new show,Gotham, which airs Sept. 22. The winning clip will air during the Sept. 11 episode of Sleepy Hollow,but already debuted online to tease viewers into becoming fans of the show’s new salute to the Batman legacy.

BBC removes ‘Doctor Who’ beheading scene out of respect

In light of the killing of two American journalists by the militant Islamist group Islamic State (alternately referred to as ISIS), the BBC has taken the decision to remove a decapitation scene that was due to be shown in an upcoming episode of Doctor WhoVariety reports.


Barack Obama, Pentatonix snag early Streamy Awards honors

Barack Obama can now add “Streamy award winner” to his already impressive résumé. The president was awarded for his Between Two Ferns collaboration with Zach Galifianakis Thursday night in a pre-show event that honored 33 Streamy categories in advance of the Sunday livestream.

The Streamy Awards honor the best and brightest in digital video, and while the major awards will be handed out during Sunday’s livestream at the Beverly Hilton, Thursday’s event had a laid-back, Creative Arts Emmys vibe, giving many of the talent behind the scenes a moment to shine. Sharply dressed denizens of the digital video world packed the YouTube Space L.A. Thursday night for a pre-awards reception, taking to the stage for brief acceptance speeches and posing on the red carpet.

Disney veteran raises over $130K to save hand-drawn animation 

Disney may have sworn off hand-drawn animation for a while, but that doesn’t mean animator James Lopez is ready to give it up.

“It’s basically a revered art form that everybody seems to love,” Lopez told the Daily Dot. “Unfortunately, those of us who at one time were able to make a decent living making it are no longer able to do so, because there are so very few productions being made. We’re looking to restore that livelihood and keep it in the public eye.”


Parody YouTube channel inspires tighter logic in 'Captain America'

Actually, Honest Trailers could barely find anything to pick apart, with most of their criticisms being linked to other parts of the Marvel franchise. “This one was hard, you guys,” they wrote in the video summary.