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This music video made on 14 iPhones and iPads is a work of magic

Take 14 Apple screens, probable multiple failures, and incredible precision and coordination, and you’ve got yourself a miraculous music video.

The Ukrainian band Brunettes Shoot Blondes released a music video for their single “Knock Knock,” and it’s nothing short of stunning. While the storyline itself, in which a suitor chases a woman after it looks like she doesn’t want to speak to him, is fairly creepy, the animation is incredible to watch.


Holy casting, Batman! Is Jena Malone the new Robin?

OK Batman fans, prepare yourselves: Jena Malone may be playing Robin in the upcomingBatman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Jena Malone, known best for her role as Johanna Mason in The Hunger Games, could be the first female Robin to hit the silver screen. Malone has been seen on the WB set sporting a new red hairdo, which may allude to a Carrie Kelley cameo.

She also posted an image of her fiery locks on her Instagram page.

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Filmmaker thwarts Quentin Tarantino by releasing her film about his theater for free

When Julia Marchese began working on Out of Print in 2012, chronicling the history of the New Beverly Cinema, she didn’t know the film would eulogize her own eight-year employment at the theater upon its release. In the doc, Marchese speaks of her fondness for the New Bev in the present tense.

“I want the New Beverly to be around for another 20 years, or another 30 years,” she says.

The theater might be around, but Marchese won’t be a part of it. Following Quentin Tarantino’s takeover of the management at the New Beverly on October 1st, Marchese was given a promotion from her previously held hourly-wage position—which had required everything from working concessions to locking down a programming block from Edgar Wright—and given a salaried job as a manager at the theater. Marchese’s new position lasted all of two weeks, however, before, according to her, the general manager and Tarantino’s longtime personal assistant, Julie McLean, notified her that she wasn’t management material. McLean offered Marchese her previous hourly job at the concession stand as consolation, sans any guaranteed hours.

Marchese took to her blog to vent about the new management, citing issues with censorship and a lack of communication and claiming that her last words to McLean were “you’re going to turn this place into a fucking multiplex, and it’s a goddamn drag.” She wrote in the post that she’d intended on screening Out of Print at the New Beverly, on a 35mm print, but has now opted to release the film on Vimeo for free.

Virtual pop star Hatsune Miku performed on Letterman, and anime fans are freaking out

Japanese pop and anime sensation Hatsune Miku hit mainstream Americana Wednesday, performing “Sharing the World” on The Late Show With David Letterman.

Enter the void that is every ‘Simpsons’ couch gag playing at once

The Simpsons’ couch gag has become a pop culture motif, and each intro contains its own universe. Don Hertzfeldt’s recent gonzo intro highlighted just how high-concept they can be. So what would 25 years of Simpsons couch gags played simultaneously sound like?

The folks at Omni Verse have apparently thought about this, and assembled all 554 intros together. But they weren’t satisfied to just make a montage. They wanted sensory overload. Go ahead and see how long you can stand it. 

Amazon flags ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons as racist

Tom and Jerry cartoons on Amazon Prime Instant Video now have a new disclaimer about racism.

The BBC first noticed the disclaimer on the classic cartoons, some created more than 70 years ago, on the menu for Tom and Jerry: The Complete Second Volume. Instead of omitting episodes that contained content of a racist nature, Warner Bros. put in the disclaimer instead, for censoring would be a revisionist maneuver.

Tom & Jerry shorts may depict some ethnic and racial prejudices that were once commonplace in American society. Such depictions were wrong then and are wrong today. While the following does not represent the Warner Bros. view of today’s society, these cartoons are being presented as they were originally created, because to do otherwise would be the same as claiming that these prejudices never existed.”

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This is what ‘Anaconda’ sounds like as a bluegrass foot-stomper

If you thought Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” was perfect except for a missing banjo, look no further than Postmodern Jukebox’s twangy take on the booty-popping hit.

This time around, Postmodern Jukebox goes bluegrass with the hit record and gives “Anaconda” an Appalachian makeover. That includes a few key lyric changes to fit the bluegrass feel, for example, “he growing crops like his name is Romaine” instead of the more NSFW original lyrics about salad. While our favorite tambourine guy may be absent for this video, there is an adorable puppy in the mix.


Netflix and Amazon outstrip TV on LGBTQ diversity

The latest version of GLAAD’s Network Responsibility Index focused on 15 networks that produced content during the 2013-2014 programming year—and for the first time in the report’s history, three different networks earned “Excellent” ratings for their commitment to diversity.

HBO, ABC Family, and MTV are all leading the pack in satisfying increasing consumer demand for diverse media content.

And Fox became the highest-scoring network in television history, with 42 percent of its programming hours featuring positive LGBTQ representations. 

But now that this goalpost has been reached, GLAAD is upping its standards. Next year, in order to receive an “Excellent” rating, networks must feature “significant transgender content”—a move the organization is making in direct response to the overall lack of representation of trans characters, something this year’s report focused on significantly.

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Here’s Aretha Franklin’s stunning cover of ‘Rolling in the Deep’

Aretha Franklin has a new album of covers out on Oct. 21, and last night she debuted one of them on the Late Show with David Letterman: “Rolling in the Deep.”

Franklin starts the performance with the Adele song, then segues perfectly into Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” backed by a full band. Adele’s version already shakes the walls, but Franklin packed her own soulful punch.

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Tambourine guy steals the show in the latest Postmodern Jukebox video

While we can’t take our ears off Postmodern Jukebox's cover of Demi Lovato's “Really Don't Care,” we also can't take our eyes off of energetic tambourine guy Tim Kubart in the group’s newest YouTube video.

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