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YouTube right now! The Big Bay Bust

How was your Fourth of July holiday? Good? Did you blow anything up? The city of San Diego blew up a ton of stuff—all in the crazy, chaotic span of about 30 seconds.

Last night’s Big Bay Boom Fourth of July Firework Show quickly dissolved into the Big Bay Bust when a severe lack of communication resulted in the city’s entire 20-minute fireworks display detonating over San Diego Bay en tutti.

5 fabulous fireworks displays from across America

Fireworks and that last can of Bud Light Lime are the two essential nightcaps to a successful Independence Day.

But in case you can’t wait until the end of the day to watch fireworks light up the sky and own the night, the Daily Dot has compiled five of the prettiest fireworks displays in America.

1) Boston
Appropriately set to “America the Beautiful,” this snippet of the fireworks display in Boston makes us bleed stars and stripes. According to the video’s description, one million people line the Charles River for the annual show.

2) New York
New York is home to one of the largest firework displays in the country, and it’s televised on NBC. This capture from the 2010 broadcast illustrates what a massive undertaking the event is and makes us nervous about the helicopter buzzing around the explosive pyrotechnics.

3) Disneyland
Watching fireworks explode behind the Disney’s Magic Kingdom is the most iconic thing we’ve seen in a while. There’s no doubt Snow White is sitting in the castle, with that smirk of hers, looking totally satisfied of what’s transpiring.

4) Pittsburgh
There’s nothing Pittsburghers like more than a fireworks show. Armed with their I.C. Light beer, this video from 2011 highlights how excited they get—and for the right reason. Also, obviously theres a Journey song thrown in there.

5) Key West, Fla.
Someone took entirely way too much time editing this video (and those people standing so close at the 2:00 mark makes us so nervous!) but the variety of fireworks is pretty. There’s also a live orchestra to boot, so screw your stupid Glee covers.