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Teen petitions school to allow his amazing laser-cat yearbook photo

Some people start petitions to raise money for starving children.

This is what Draven Rodriguez did. 

Without music, 'Star Wars' is super awkward

If you take Williams out of Star Wars, what are you left with?

Total awkwardness, as it happens.

The real reason Starbucks baristas spell your name wrong

Your Starbucks barista may be more sinister than he seems.

Picking up a cup of coffee with your name misspelled is the epitome of a first world problem. It’s possible that your name is just hard to spell, but if you’ve got a name that’s fairly common, chances are your barista just might be messing with you.


Anatomy of Films [wronghands]

Previously: Anatomy of Songs


#ok but you left out ‘white male angst’ and ‘characterless female love-interest to worry about’