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Backlash over accidentally racist tweet urges #CancelColbert

How fandom reinterpreted Captain America's politics for the 21st century.



Rob Ford loves tickles. GIF by Fernando Alfonso III/dailydot


Rob Ford loves tickles. GIF by Fernando Alfonso III/dailydot

What does the Trans-Pacific Partnership leak mean for the Internet?

On Wednesday, seemingly out of nowhere, WikiLeaks released a portion of the biggest, most secretive, most controversial pending trade agreement in the world: the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Internet advocates of all stripes, from the intellectual property experts at the Electronic Frontier Foundation to people who don’t mind getting arrested for climbing government buildings to make TPP-related poop jokes, had been clamoring for that moment since 2011.

The TPP’s controversy stems from three factors. It’s huge: 12 countries, including the U.S. and parts of Latin America and Asia, are trying to agree to the same terms on a wide range of business and trade practices. It’s secretive: like any trade agreement, the details of negotiations are kept from the public, though the TPP’s been heavy handed about how it keeps out journalists and public advocates. And the process itself is biased: the only people given access to government negotiators are corporate lobbyists.

Tuesday’s leak was the most recent draft of the Intellectual property chapter, which deals with copyright and how that’s enforced online. It’s the first time anyone has seen the chapter since a 2011 leak, which included provisions that led Internet freedom activists to call it “the biggest global threat to the Internet since ACTA.”

The Daily Dot spoke with EFF Global Policy Analyst Maira Sutton about decoding the newest draft.

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British Conservative Party scrubs 10 years of public statements from the Web

Despite pledges in favor of government transparency, the British Conservative Party is facing accusations it has deleted a decade’s worth of public statements, not only from its own website, but from the Internet itself.

According to a report from Computer Weekly, all records of speeches and public statements between 2000 and the party’s election win in 2010 have been erased from search engines and the Internet Archive, making it very difficult to track many pre-election promises. As Computer Weekly phrased it, this could be “an effect as alarming as sending Men in Black to strip history books from a public library and burn them in the car park.”

Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron has previously spoken about his government’s dedication to information transparency. In an official YouTube video in 2011, he said, “Information is power, because it allows people to hold the powerful to account.” [READ MORE]

This is why NSA officials keep bringing up 9/11

You’re not hearing things. National Security Agency documents obtained byAl Jazeera show that the agency actively pushes 9/11 and terrorism as justification for its surveillance programs.

Whether the NSA's numerous programs and vast reach actually stop terrorism is hotly debated. In a congressional hearing Tuesday, NSA directorKeith Alexander defended the agency’s practices, noting that there hasn’t been a major terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11.

But as privacy advocates have noted, that could be misleading. Alexander has drastically reduced the number of recent terrorist attacks directly stopped through NSA intelligence from 54 to one. Glenn Greenwald, the journalist in possession of the majority of contractor Edward Snowden's intel, has frequently criticized intelligence officials for being eager to invoke terrorism to justify spying.

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NSA spying costs each U.S. taxpayer $574 a year

Wow, I learn so much about American politics from social media. — Gavia.

Wow, I learn so much about American politics from social media. — Gavia.