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Tech's first pinup magazine brings the wrong kind of exposure to women

The Internet has opened tech culture to ongoing discussions about the systemic sexism and harassment in the field. Women are paid less than half of what men make. Their careers are drastically shortened. They face abuse and death threats when they speak out.

In the wake of recent debates about the industry’s gender issues, one fledgling mobile magazine decided that we could all use more women in tech… in their underwear.

How to suppress women's coding.

Last week, GitHub’s first female developer, Julie Ann Horvath, quit the company over a staggering string of allegations that while working there she was subjected to harassment, intimidation, and sexism in the workplace. Considering Horvath also launched GitHub’s Passion Projects initiative to recruit more women into the Open Source community, this was quite a loss. GitHub has responded by putting the founder at the source of her claims on leave pending an investigation.

In discussing what to do in response to the GitHub debacle, we floated the inevitable idea: write about how every woman who ever makes an issue of sexism in tech culture or geek culture is routinely subjected to backlash or harassment.

I didn’t want to write that article. I always write those articles, and I am exhausted.

In the days to come, you’ll read think pieces that examine sexism in Open Source communities. You’ll read roundups of similar issues in tech and geek culture, like the ones we’ve written many times over. You might even hear of the inevitable backlash and harassment that always seems to follow whenever a woman speaks about sexism in tech or geek culture.

But if there’s one thing to take away from what happened to Horvath, it’s a glimpse of a culture in which women’s voices are silenced, the same thing we learned from Joanna Russ’s landmark exploration of the systemic marginalization of women in publishing.

Here’s a guide for the uninitiated.


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Women of Reddit advise guys on how not to be total creeps.

"Do not approach girls and ask them if they’re into butt fingering."

Once upon a time, a group of dudes on the Internet bonded over how they were afraid of talking to women. “Don’t you wish guys could have a place all to ourselves?” asked one. “Why not the Internet?” answered another. They high-fived and decided once and for all that this Internet was a place that would be for people with penises only. This idea the men shared made them feel powerful. They fapped together. But there was one problem, they realized. The men enjoyed looking at naked breasts, and they had ostracized people with breasts. So they compromised, and told women that in order to enter the Internet, they had to humiliate themselves by showing their breasts to strangers. If women failed to comply, they would be banned. This is how 4chan created its own self-perpetuating myth: “There are no girls on the Internet.”
4chan’s 10 most important contributions to society, No. 4: institutionalized sexism

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Sexist jerks tried to bully Roshini Muniam Rose off an astronaut competition. It didn’t sway her, and—best of all—now she’s winning.

Sexist jerks tried to bully Roshini Muniam Rose off an astronaut competition. It didn’t sway her, and—best of all—now she’s winning.

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