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Don't have time to catch up on an entire TV series? Let Skippable be your guide

Since the Tumblr launched on Saturday, Burch has released skippable cheat sheets for 12 shows, including all of the Whedon-verse and the two “halves” of Doctor Who. Burch prioritizes episodes that help you understand the show’s continuity, as you can see from a quick glance at his skippable guide to Buffy, which eschews almost any episode that prominently features Xander, and advises you to skip fan favorites like “Superstar” and “Tabula Rasa,” while noting that they’re among of the series’ best standalones. Sadly, Skippable has no advice for fans who’d rather watch “Superstar” 20 times in a row than subject themselves to Season 4’s Riley arc.


Find out how many hours of your life you wasted watching TV

ABC Family's "Alice in Arabia" accused of racism and Islamophobia before it even airs.

Seinfeld sighting, everyone take a drink

Seinfeld sighting, everyone take a drink