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Here's why this food-reviewing YouTuber quit his channel mid-episode

Gregory Ng, also known as the Frozen Foods Master, spent six years running the YouTube channel FreezerBurns dedicated to the wide world of frozen meals. Just eight episodes shy of his 700th video, Ng quit mid-review, but shared the video with his 23,000 subscribers anyway.

Barack Obama, Pentatonix snag early Streamy Awards honors

Barack Obama can now add “Streamy award winner” to his already impressive résumé. The president was awarded for his Between Two Ferns collaboration with Zach Galifianakis Thursday night in a pre-show event that honored 33 Streamy categories in advance of the Sunday livestream.

The Streamy Awards honor the best and brightest in digital video, and while the major awards will be handed out during Sunday’s livestream at the Beverly Hilton, Thursday’s event had a laid-back, Creative Arts Emmys vibe, giving many of the talent behind the scenes a moment to shine. Sharply dressed denizens of the digital video world packed the YouTube Space L.A. Thursday night for a pre-awards reception, taking to the stage for brief acceptance speeches and posing on the red carpet.


Me IRL: Lohanthony

The 15-year-old sprang to fame at 13 with a nine-second viral video titled “Calling All the Basic Bitches” that features him twirling his leg and making a special announcement before leaning close to the screen to whisper, “You’re basic.” It’s hard to quantify why the video struck such a chord—to the tune of 2.4 million views—but it spread quickly across blogs and over Gchat, well beyond the teen and tween viewership. In an instant, Quintal became the mascot for a new breed of teen superstar.

In his videos, he’s an unapologetically pure teenager. They’re emotional bursts of reactionary glory, mostly filmed from his mother’s Boston home, where he dishes about pop culture moments, reads hate comments, shares tips for everyday life as a teen, and collaborates with other YouTubers under the moniker of lohanthony, an homage to his favorite celebrity, Lindsay Lohan, who’s now a fan of his.

But he’s not resting on his laurels. He’s amassed more than 1.4 million Twitter fans and a gig hosting MTV’s Teen Wolf aftershow, and he has continued to be one of YouTube’s most popular voices since his start at age 10.

For The Kernel’s Teen Takeover issue, Quintal tells us how YouTube has changed during his time on the platform, which mega-mogul is a Twitter must-follow, and his dream collaboration.

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Tyler Oakley wants you to apply for this Taco Bell scholarship

The Taco Bell Foundation for Teens is launching a Graduate for Mas campaign in partnership with Get Schooled that aims to find a teen ambassador who will appear in a Taco Bell ad, on materials inside stores, and be awarded a $30,000 scholarship to further his or her education.

Meet the YouTube class of 2014

When these teens tweet their locations, they cause mini riots. When they celebrate their birthdays, it’s a worldwide trending topic. They’re sneaking into the music chartsTV networks, and the coming attractions. They’re the YouTube class of 2014, and they’re gunning for mainstream entertainment in a big way.

With the start of a new school year ahead of us, we doled out some class superlatives to the teenagers who are changing the way digital stardom will define the future of entertainment as a whole.


Introducing Sir Mix-a-Lot’s little-known back-to-school jam

Less than a year after exploding on YouTube with “Christmas Jammies,” the Holderness family has returned with their latest viral sensation, “Baby Got Class.”

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These kids have the most adorable cooking show ever

The Barefoots stars pint-sized kitchen masters Amelia Winslow and Nahum Gonzalez, who have produced five episodes demonstrating their skills at bringing cookies, granola, and more to delicious, haphazardly shaped life.

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SXSW is made of panels. You knew that, but did you know this?: You, random individual, you get to pick the panels. Panels like the one proposed in the video above. It’s a very good video, and if you pick it, it’ll be an even better panel.

Here’s the panels we’ll be on, if you decide to pick them:

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Harvard researchers created real-life Optimus Prime out of 1,000 tiny robots

[We’re doomed.]

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Two of our Geek/Entertainment reporters, Rae Votta (blurintofocus) and Aja Romano (bookshop), currently have panels up for selection at South by Southwest’s Panel Picker that offer a crucial perspective on fandom communities that’s missing from many other submissions about fan culture.

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